Our Services


• Structured voice and data communications cabling
• Video and surveillance
• Outside plant and aerial cabling installation
• Security cabling
• Paging, Sound Masking and background music systems
• Cable tray and other raceway system installation
• Network integration
• Validation and documentation of existing cabling infrastructure
• Minor moves, adds, and changes to existing cabling systems
• Troubleshooting

Through our sister company Star-Lo Electric; we also can support any type of electrical installation and maintenance. Listening to our customers and understanding their needs are a major part of our mission. Taking our 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and putting it to work for our customers is just as important. At Star-Lo Communications, it is our goal to provide only the finest in quality and support for our end-user/customers cabling infrastructure.

Testing and Documentation

Quality installation is just the beginning of what Star-Lo Communications delivers its customers. Our services on any cable system installation includes Complete, testing, documentation and labeling.


All LAN Grade Copper Cable shall be verified to meet EIA-TIA standards using the latest Bi-Directional Cable analyzers. Our machines are calibrated regularly to ensure accurate verification of your Category-5E and 6 infrastructure.

At the completion of every project all results are documented and presented in both hard and Electronic copy.

Even Star-Lo Service Vans carry such cable Analyzers to ensure that minor adds, moves or changes meet the same standards as the original installation.

Optical Fiber

All optical fiber is tested for db loss utilizing optical attenuation power meters. These tests are performed at Nanometer values appropriate To what the fiber application might be. All results are documented and presented in both hard and electronic copy.

As-Built Documentation

All installed work is represented electronically and in hard copy. A layer may be installed on architectural back grounds showing stations location, type, number and cable routing. Additional documentation could be provided showing riser distribution and indexing and room elevations.